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BioSpot is a new and privately owned company that brings together world-class expertise focused specifically on simplifying field based biological sample collection, transport and high-throughput processing, irrespective of what the final analysis might be. The biological samples in question are typically blood, buccal or urine stored on filter media, or protected intact leaf tissue for all downstream modern molecular analytical techniques.

The Market Need

The current and emerging markets that are embracing the use of BioSpot technology require reliable systems working effectively to simplify and track samples at the point of collection, through traditional transport systems such as regular mail, but uniquely delivering them in a format immediately amenable to high throughput semi or fully automatic processing. From field to e.g. DNA fingerprint with minimal manual intervention!

The BioSpot Solution

BioSpot’s strength is to work with partner companies, so as to be at the forefront in the development of complete systems, that are both innovative and seamless. Our focus is on the collection, transport, storage and processing biological samples with simplicity, protection, traceability and automated processing always featured in mind. BioSpot has "Off the Shelf" solutions delivering exactly these qualities in the form of   DBS Collection Kits, BioDisk and SwabGrip.

BioSpot has partnered with BSD Robotics, the world leader in the automated handling and punching of dried samples on filter paper and other media. BioSpot & BSD  have worked closely from the outset to ensure all BioSpot products can be handled in a high throughput environment.

Under the heading “Automated Processing” we have set out examples of the ways in which BioSpot products can be integrated into systems incorporating proven BSD Instruments. BioSpot has established a production plant in South Carolina with clean room facilities to produce its range of new and innovative collection devices.

Call upon BioSpot to steamline your sampling processes incorporating protection, traceability, cost efficiencies and high throughput capabilities.